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Friday, August 28, 2015

Oldtimer Outing

At the weekend, SWMBO and I went to partake in an oldtimer tour, a gentle ride through the countryside, visiting old car museums etc. These are some of the participating old cars, all immaculately restored.

Opel cabrio 1949

Kharmann ghia 1961

Opel GT1

BMW type 2002

Fiat type 125

Fiat 500, with optional suitcase (=trunk)

Mercedes cabrio 1965

Opel Kadett 1952

Last and least, the youngest participant, my Porsche 944

I must confess we quit half way through, because the cavalcade had the speed of a fat old snail, necessarily of the slowest car. Frustrating! So we went home and took the dogs for a fast walk :-)

Comments (2)
Hattie (Hawaii) wrote " Hi, Stu. I enjoyed your old car photos. Terry's family had that Kharmann Ghia model, and they lent it to him to go to a dance that I was at, too. The person I was pursuing and who I had expected to give me a ride home walked away with another young woman, so I asked Terry to give me a lift. When we went out, we discovered that a hit and run driver had smashed the driver's side of the car. Terry was too inexperienced, being only 17 at the time, to realize that it is not wise to park on the street on a blind curve. It was still driveable, and he got me home and called up asking for a date a few days later. The car was just fine after being repaired. I don't think there is any moral aspect to this tale but just thought I'd share it. Pardon the dodgy grammar, etc. but we are too hot and humid right now, and another near miss hurricane is bothering us. What do you think of my plan to change the designation of our official language in the U.S. from English to American? " ...Separated by a common tongue ;-)
Klaus (Alaska) wrote "Found this Porsche 944 (1986) (now delisted) on the local "Craig's list" for $ 2,500, only problem according to the ad "it won't start", other than that it doesn't look bad. Found this one in Fairbanks." You do realise that the odometers only had 5 digits and thus recycle every 100,000 miles? But yes, those prices are really cheap; so much so that I would be suspicious.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Anagramming Ashley Madison ;-)

Ashley Madison is a website for adulterers. Their database was hacked recently and a 10 GB searchable list of names and email addresses dumped online by the hackers. How are the mighty fallen; some of those conservative 'family values' politicians etc are crapping themselves ;-)

Just to put a lighter touch(sic!) on it, I looked for some of the theme related ('appropriate'?) anagrams I could make from "Ashley Madison". See if you also find them amusing :-)

  • Nosily Ashamed
  • Dashes Alimony
  • Daisy's Manhole
  • Sheds A Alimony
  • Is Only Ashamed
  • No Shy Maladies
  • My Nasalised Ho
  • Analysed Him So
  • Hos Deny Salami
  • Ho Slays Maiden
  • Lady Ho's Inseam
  • She Loan Dismay
  • Maidenly Ho Ass
  • Ass-Holiday Men
  • Maiden Also Shy
  • Email Nosy Dash
  • Alimony? She Sad
  • Lash AIDS-Money
That's just a small selection, there are over 7000, not all inappropriate though. What is your favourite?

Comments (4)
Jenny (Ibiza) wrote "Hilarious! But I can't decide if I prefer "Lady Ho's Inseam" or "Daisy's Manhole" ;-)" Both are funny. I like "Hos Deny Salami".
Hattie (Hawaii) wrote "I just love this Ashley Madison stuff! Is that wrong of me? The people who are reacting with hurt and fury so have it coming! " Your last 3 words are well chosen too, accidental pun? ;-)
John (UK) anagrams it to "Easy oldish man", which is a nice interpretation. Well done, John!
Petra (A) disses me : "Your blog is deteriorating [again] :-( RU running out of interesting stuff to write?" Yes :-( Maybe I'll take a creative time-out.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Under the radar :-(

One of the characteristics of (old) sports cars is that they are road-huggingly LOW, especially when compared with the tall SUVs that seem to be in fashion these days (even if they are never driven off-road). My old Porsche 944 comes up to just over my hips :-)

You'd think this lowness would be an advantage when cornering; that's not true in the late (pre-harvest) summer though :-( Blasting along the country lanes around here is limited by the fact that at times I'm below the wheat crop! So in these summer months I can't see "through" the corners :-( And similarly, anyone driving in the other direction can't see me coming either and consequently - as they are often hogging the crown of the road - almost crap themselves when the Porsche thunders into view ;-)

Of course, everyone knows this effect when driving past fields of tall maize, they just don't expect it when driving past wheatfields. I know what to expect, but other drivers generally don't :-( So I've taken to driving more slowly, at least until after the harvest.

On the other hand, when driving it down the autobahn, I see that people still remember Porsche's overtaking reputation. They see the outlines of this old sports car in their mirrors and move over into the slow lane really smartish! When I'm driving my modern Beetle - perhaps even faster than the Porsche - they don't move over, because it doesn't have the same overtaking-prestige as the ancient Porsche :-(

My old schoolfriend Carl used to have a Lotus Super Seven; a ladyfriend Carol had an old (underpowered) Austin Healey Sprite Mk 1. Both were so low that I suspect they'd even be below the stubble left after harvesting ;-)

#FirstWorldProblems ;-)

Comments (3)
Jenny (Ibiza) asks "How big are the SUVs in Germany then?" I don't have any absolute numbers to hand, but I was stuck in traffic just behind a BMW X5 SUV this morning and his number plate was above my eye level :-(
Pergelator (USA) sent a couple of links to blogpostings he'd made about tall cars back in 2013, here and here :-)
Cop Car (USA) wrote " I've noticed that, here in Kansas USA at least, farmers are planting new varieties of wheat and corn (maize) - varieties that are much shorter. This undoubtedly keeps the crops upright in the high winds and hail storms of Kansas. I'll have to check with old Porsche owners to see how they enjoy being able to see over the fields. Sorry that I missed seeing your earlier question on the birds. Thanks for thinking of me. Never having been across the pond, I wouldn't presume to know your birds. I have a hard enough time with the ones in my own area! "

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Summer Drought :-(

The summer here has been very hot (reaching a record 40.3°C in the shade in Kitzingen, that's 104.5°F, more than blood heat) over a period of several weeks. So the water level in rivers, lakes and reservoirs is at a very low level due to evaporation. But Lake Eder is a special case, because it is dammed and used to regulate the water depth of the river Weser, to keep it navigable (river Eder feeds ultimately into the Weser river). So this means the water level in Lake Eder sinks even faster than due to evaporation alone. Our local newspaper reports that it has sunk so low that a sunken flooded village on the lake bed has now emerged again and that the old bridge (from before the lake was dammed) has now reappeared above the mud-flats of the lake bed. So I rode my trusty motorcycle down to Asel Ferry to see if the ferry (which replaced the sunken bridge) was still running.

It wasn't. A hastily printed notice said the ferry was cancelled due to low water. The lake level has dropped some 30 to 40 feet, I'd guess. Those mud flats you see to the right of the notice board are the lake bed! There's just a couple of shallow feeder streams showing.

The background of this selfie shows the path the ferry normally takes. People are walking over the lake bed along the old road (less mud!) and across the old sunken bridge. Being too lazy to walk across the lake in that heat in my motorcycle leathers, I just set the camera to max (30x) zoom and took this photo of all the tourists enjoying the rare(?) opportunity of crossing a sunken bridge normally 30+ feet below the surface :-)

This was such an attraction (last sunday) that there was barely parking room for a motorcycle! Park wardens kept motorists from trying to drive across the mud-flats (some people are really stupid!).

Let's hope we get some rain here this fall/autumn so the lake gets a chance to refill; preferably while I'm away on a long-distance bike trip ;-)

Comments (1)
Klaus (Alaska) wrote "The US is also facing a major summer draught (especially California) here is a link to Lake Powell, right now 87 ft. below full pool, another big Lake is Lake Mead with record low levels, and here is a link to record high temperatures a few days ago a s you can see 116°F in Palm Springs, also a lot of wildfires going on because of that, this year over 5 million acres burned in Alaska (second highest in AK history), at one point this year we had over 300 wildfires burning, Alaska fires have burned more than 5 million acres maybe there is no "global warming " ???" There will be wars over access to water, soon :-(

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Angry Birds 2 competition

Not the game, just a set of photos I took last month for the birdspotters among you (Hi,CC) to help identify.

I took these photos at a birds-of-prey sanctuary in the Eifel without taking notes of their names. And I'm no horny theologist ;-) So I'm relying on you bird-spotters to name them for me :-)

Comments (1)
Renke (D) wrote "(from top to bottom) : bored bird, attentive bird, overexposed bird, grumpy bird, hidden bird. Do I win a price? :P" Yes, your 2c worth. But no prize :-(

Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Silverplated Bockscar

70 years ago today, at 11:02 a.m. local time in Nagasaki, a B-29 Superfortress named "Bockscar" dropped an atomic bomb "Fat Man", killing about 39,000 to 80,000 people.

Most (older) people will have heard of the Enola Gay, as mentioned in my previous post. Fewer know anything about Bockscar, the Nagasaki atomic bomber.

Captain Frederick C. Bock was the pilot assigned to this aircraft and named it on the production line as a personalised joke. However, on the Nagasaki mission it was flown by Major Charles W. Sweeney who had flown it for the three dress rehearsals with an inert Fat Man casing.

"Fat Man" was named after Winston Churchill and was a spherical-implosion bomb design, whence its shape. The original intent was to use the "Thin Man" (named after Roosevelt) gun-barrel design at Hiroshima, but these were too long to fit in the aircraft, so at Hiroshima the "Little Boy", a shorter gun-barrel uranium design, was used.

The B-29s were unsuited for carrying nuclear weapons. Massive modifications were needed to make a bomb bay big enough for both types of nuclear weapons, a process known as silver-plating (for security reasons). Of course they could have used the British "Lancaster" bomber which was big enough to carry even 10 ton "Tall Boy" conventional bombs anyway. American pride forbade this easy solution and so the expensive and delaying "silverplating" was done to several B-29s. The US military regarded this procedure as so successful that they've been gold-plating all their new weapon designs ever since, to the great delight of the military-industrial complex ;-)

The original target (Kokura) had 100% cloud cover, so Bockscar diverted to the secondary target, Nagasaki. Dense cloud covered the downtown area, but a cloud opening let them drop it between the Mitsubishi Steel and Arms Works and the Mitsubishi-Urakami Ordnance Works in a side valley. Yield was 21 kilotons (50% more than the Hiroshima yield).

Fuel pump problems meant that Bockscar ran out of fuel just as it landed after its return trip. Captain James F. Van Pelt, Jr. was the navigator under these difficult target-weather and fuel-shortage conditions, to give credit where due.

Bockscar is now on permanent display at the National Museum of the United States Air Force, Dayton, Ohio together with an inert Fat Man casing. However, I noticed that Bockscar does not have its Nagasaki paint scheme (which had a large N (for Nuclear) on its tailfin) and no nose-art at the time.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Enola Gay trivia

70 years ago today, at 8:15 local time in Hiroshima, a B-29 Superfortress named "Enola Gay" dropped an atomic bomb "Little Boy", killing 66,000 people. A bird of ill omen indeed!

The Vatican did not complain about this nuclear killing of 66,000 people, nor - rather surprisingly - even about the misuse of a Little Boy, instead singing the "You Angel" hymn ;-)

The bomber Enola Gay was named on the assembly line by its pilot-to-be, Paul Tibbets who named it after his mother Enola Gay Tibbets, who had herself been named for the heroine of an 1886 melodramatic novel by Mary Young Ridenbaugh (not recommendable 'literature' imho). The book contains the (perhaps predictive?) lines "He is the bird of ill omen. How harsh his midnight cry! It seems to shriek, in mournful sounds, Death! Death!"

The more perceptive among you will already have realised that "Enola" is a reversal/anagram of "Alone", a typical 1880's writer's give-away naming trick.

35 years on, in 1980, British synthpop group Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) released a mediocre anti-war song single called Enola Gay. When released as a single, "Enola Gay", was misperceived by listeners with little knowledge of the Hiroshima bombing as a cryptic identification of the band as homosexual. The track was banned from being played on popular BBC1 programme Swap Shop for fear that it would serve as a corrupting sexual influence on children. Such is the power of homophobes, who even suggested it be retitled "Enola Guy" (with a U instead of an A) to show it was "really rather hetero and not homo at all" :-(

As a fan of anagrams, I can only approve of such a renaming. After all, "Enola Guy" anagrams rather appropriately into "You Angel", explaining the reference to the Vatican hymn above and the Angel of Death poem in Ridenbaugh's novel, neatly closing all referential loops in this blogpost ;-)

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