Some of favourite short English poems

This is my personal English poetry anthology; I hope it will give you, dear reader, great pleasure in reading. The list is sorted alphabetically by the poets' surname. No rankings are given or desired. All of the poems are good, each in its own delectable way. Despite popular request, I have omitted "The good ship Venus" :-)
  1. Anon (Choosing Names),
  2. W.H. Auden (Twelve Songs IX),
  3. William Blake, (The Tyger),
  4. Jenny Joseph, (Warning),
  5. Philip Larkin, (This be the verse),
  6. William Shakespeare, (Shall I compare thee . . .),
  7. Edward Thomas, (Adlestrop),
  8. W.B. Yeats, (The Second Coming),

Now, by way of contrast, go read some of my Vogon poetry :-)
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