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Oh, and after the death of his old dog, Kosmo, he also has a new bulldog puppy, Clara, since September 2018 :-)

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Thursday, March 30

Happy Birthday, Slowhand!

Today Eric Clapton turns 78, reaching my age. Happy Birthday to my favourite guitarist. I first saw him perform at West Ham baths, when he was playing with The Yardbirds, in the sixties, (about 1962 afaik). OMG, over 60 years ago!

Here is a sample of him playing with Cream in 1968.

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Tuesday, March 14

Einstein's Birthday

Today we celebrate the birthday of Albert Einstein on March 14th 1879.

Well, some of us do. Americans are too busy eating PI today for some reason.

Oh and btw, 3.14 is also the day Stephen Hawking died.

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Wednesday, March 8

International Women's Day ;-)

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Monday, March 6

Season start; open day

Mostly photos for bikers today. Traditionally the first weekend in March is when bike shops start their season showing what bikes are on sale. Checkpoint, which is my favourite repair shop, shows some oldtimers they have restored to mint condition. So here is a selection of their restaurations. This is Klaus, the shop owner, with his Kawasaki H2, 750cc aircooled two-stroke triple, from the early 1970s.

Also belonging to him, a Z900 four-stroke four, also 1970s.

And here is my good friend Frank with his Harleys, also restored there. Afaik, from the 1980s. Two solos and one with a sidecar.

Frank again, in front of the oildrums, between his 1980s 80cc Zundapps.

I was astounded by the width of the rear tyres for custom Harleys.

They would be totally unsuitable for some of the alpine passes that Frank and I preferred. The wear pattern on a used Harley showed under 25° bank.

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Friday, March 3

50 years on

Curiosity killed the cat, but a couple of my lady readers want to know what my wife, SWMBO, looks like as I hardly mention her. Well she has her own blog and I respect her privacy. That said, we sorted through some old photos, so here are two of them, 50 years apart. The colour photo on the right was taken last year. The B&W photo on the left was taken 50 years previously. Isn't she pretty? What did I do to deserve that?

Happy now, curious ladies?

Copyright © Ole Phat Stu on March 3, 2023 permalink Comments Email

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