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Oh, and after the death of his old bulldog, Kosmo, he also has a new bulldog, Clara, since September 2018 :-)

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Tuesday, July 9, 2024


Currently both Debra and Liz have been blogging about bucket lists. It so happens that today is the 38th anniversary of crossing one particular item off my bucket list.

You see, on 3rd july 1938, the A4 steam engine Mallard took the world speed record for steam trains at 126 mph. So an item appeared in my bucket list to one day ride on a train drawn by Mallard if it were ever restored to a working state. Mallard was restored and so on 9th july (today) in 1986 there was a memorial run, a steam train drawn by Mallard and I managed to obtain a passanger ticket. Sure, it only went from York (where the national railway museum is located in the UK) to the seaside town of Scarborough, taking about 3/4 of an hour following the trans-pennine express line. But I had ridden on a Mallard steam train and my bucket list was one item shorter now. Yes afaik we did reach 100mph on a straight, but I cannot trust my memory these days and I did not have my geocaching GPS (to measure speed) with me.

Nor it seems did I have a camera with me; how ill-prepared can one be? So I was delighted to find today on YouTube that rail enthusiasts had made a short (12 minute) video of the trip, taking shots from several different standpoints. The video is here.

There were a dozen or more passenger carriages. You could open the windows to lean out and take a movie if you wanted. But the best shots/movies were by spectators. BBC/ITV even had a helicopter filming us. Surprising to me, there was no backup diesel at the end of the train for use should the old lady break down.

Comments (2)
Billions of Versions... wrote " Interesting post. One of those down the rabbit hole posts for me as a train connoisseur. (This was the first time I ever tried to type connoisseur. It took a while to figure it out. Spell check was no help.) Anyway, me, YouTube, and trains spent quite a bit of time together." You and I both.
Keith (UK) sent this video of the 5 fastest steam trains.

Sunday, July 7, 2024

Stromboli erupts

Over the course of my 80 years I have seen three islands blow their tops. Once, on a hiking vacation in Iceland in the sixties when Surtsey rose from below the waves. It was a sub-sea volcano which appeared to the south of Iceland in the mid-sixties. Researchers kept tourists away so they could study how the volcanic terrain developed without any visitors. It blew for about 4 years as far as I remember, I think it was 1963 to 1967???.

The second time I was on a hang-gliding vacation from the peak of Tenerifa, one of spanish Canary islands off the western coast of Africa. There were tourist flights in small planes around another island called Gomera, where the volcano exploded; can't remember the date. In February of 2015, SWMBO and I visited Lanzarote, another volcanic Canary island, which was quiescent, see volcanic landscape photos from my blog then though.

Now the mediterranian volcanic island of Stromboli, which basically consists of the volcano of the same name, is erupting. Residents are keeping a close eye on it in case they have to evacuate quickly. Yesterday's aerial photo below.

Wednesday, July 3, 2024

A Stone, no longer Rolling

Born on february 28 1942, Brian Jones claim to fame was that he was THE founding member of the Rollin' Stones (original spelling, not a typo). He was a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, harmonica, keyboards, sitar, Appalachian dulcimer, saxophone, marimba, recorder, autoharp) but no good as a song-writer, Richards and Jagger did that far better.

Jones was regarded as "an irresponsible drifter", drug-addict/substance abuser and got 7 different girls pregnant. Finally the Stones got rid of him or vice versa; he drowned in his swimming pool just a few days after. Two days later I attended the "Stones in the Park" free concert in Hyde Park and saw he had been replaced by Mick TaylorThe only known released Jones song is "(Thank You) For Being There", which is a poem by Jones put to music by Carla Olso.

Okay, so I am not a big fan; so what? It's all blog fodder for this day.

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