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Oh, and after the death of his old dog, Kosmo, he also has a new bulldog puppy, Clara, since September 2018 :-)

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Sunday, April 30

RIP Dame Edna Everage

Goodbye possums!

Actor Barry Humphries has died in Sydney, Australia, at age 89. He was probably most famous for his role as transvestite Dame Edna Everage, lilac coloured hair, butterfly-shaped glasses and big mouth included. He/she was a national icon despite being a dry alcoholic; Australia does not have many of those. The role of Edna Everage, later Dame, began in 1955. Edna was very popular in the UK's London West End theaters, I saw the show once, in the late sixties. Here is a summary of Edna's work, in a YouTube short.

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Monday, April 24

Peter´s Party

Well, due to precautions against the ravages of Covid, we have not attended any wakes over the last 3 years nor any parties. But my younger friend Peter, whom I have known for some 30 years now, turned 50 on saturday and threw a HUGE party which we decided to attend. Photo below shows my wife SWMBO, now 78, and friend Peter, just turned 50 at the weekend.

Peter and I, and another old friend, Harry (now 61?) founded the Kleinenberg archery club all those years ago. The photo below shows Harry (left) and yours truly (right) at Peter´s party. Good to see one another after all that time. I am glad to report that the archery club bloomed with young talents like Franz (now 46?) who competes at national level, always in the top 7.

But SWMBO and I have only a small circle of friends. At SWMBO´s 78th party only 9 attended. But Peter is VERY sociable! There were 270 attendees! 300 invited, 30 cancellations. He threw the party at the hill-walkers´ clubhouse, which is a mile outside his village, thus avoiding any noise complaints. Clever, because 270 people chatting was absolutely deafening, even ignoring the music. But we old fogies left before the dancing started; cannot keep up with the young folks any more! Peter also had a slide-show running of his working vacation up through Norway 20 years ago, when he rode his enduro motorcycle up to the top of Norway, working on farms etc along his route to finance the tour. He was gone for months! His T-shirt in the top photo reads "I don't HAVE to do anything, except visit Norway again", so must have enjoyed the trip 20 years ago!

His Norway tour was done by camping, and he had reconstructed such a campsite outside (in the drizzle), so SWMBO and I took a photo arond the campfire: Photo by Diana, Peter´s younger sister.

A very pleasant evening, even if I did stay sober enough to drive home. Good food too. Must have cost him a small fortune, but everybody chipped in with the traditional envelopes of cash put in a huge pot for him. Much fun!

Copyright © Ole Phat Stu on April 24, 2023 permalink Comments Email

Monday, April 10

Giger´s Easter Monday

Saw this Easter Bunny photo online, but with no attribution as to who made the scene or took the photo. Certainly a great acknowledgement to Ridley (sic) and the art of H.R.Giger, who sadly died in 2014. I would like to give the owner credit; he/she should have put a lien on it ;-)

Regurgitated by Ole Phat Stu on April 10, 2023 permalink Comments Email

Good Friday, April 7

Theocratic Nonsense

Some countries are theocracies. For example, all the "*istans" are islamic states. Some, like the UK, have state religions; they thank Henry VIII for the Church of England. Others, like the USA, separate state from religion, at least nominally.

But increasingly the Christofascists there are forcing their preferences into law; examples are abortion rights cancelled, book burnings, etc etc.

Here in Germany, you should remember Hitler was a Catholic. But after WW2 we were assigned a new constitution, declaring the separation of church from state. Nevertheless the Catholic church still managed to push some of their (not His) preferences into the law of the land. Today (God Friday) it is forbidden here by law to dance or even play loud music. As I write this I had just been awakened by the sound of church bells tolling loudly.

If you really want to celebrate holy rollers today instead of waiting until monday, this very day 61 years ago saw the founding of The Rolling Stones.

Comments (1)
Billions of Versions... wrote " I found this which goes into a little more depth about the ban. … Facepalm!"
Gwyneth (UK) wrote "I have a number of links for you about your theme Theocratic Nonsense, they are :-
1) Baltimore (USA) has 150 catholic priests buggering 600 children :-(
2) Bill Maher demands a new holiday : Atheists' Day
3) A whole website giving Hundreds of Reasons not to be Religious.
4) In Israel stricter hametz religious laws even forbid giving pregnant women cookies/biscuits."

Copyright © Ole Phat Stu on April 7, 2023 permalink Comments Email

Monday, April 3

Leftover from April one.

Forgot to include this from April 1st.

Copyright © Ole Phat Stu on April 3, 2023 permalink Comments Email

Fools' Day, April 1

April Fools

Charles and Camilla have been visiting Germany, but were a little disappointed. In Berlin, Camilla had wanted a tour through the KDW. And in Hamburg, Charles wanted a tour through Herbertstrasse ;-)

April fools.

Comments (1)
Billions of Versions... wrote " Oh the time I just wasted reading about Herbertstrasse." Oh yes. Just realised that both KDW and Herbertstrasse may not be known outside Germany.

Copyright © Ole Phat Stu on April 1, 2023 permalink Comments Email

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